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Nicola Huckerby explains what she believes and what...

Posted by nicola on 22 Jan 2017
A video posted by Branding.coop (@branding.coop) on Jan 22, 2017 at 1:00am PST

Nicola Huckerby explains what she believes and what Branding.coop do. read more

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmgYv3K3gMY) I’m proud to...

Posted by nicola on 23 Aug 2016

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmgYv3K3gMY) I’m proud to know Emily and it’s good to know that we both think that #coops could do more to deliver on Principle 5! read more

Principle 5

Posted by nicola on 17 Aug 2016
172 years after the men and women of Rochdale founded the modern (consumer) co-operative movement why is it that we are still talking about barriers to making co-operatives mainstream?  Indeed it was... read more

The B20 meets in Paris

Posted by Chuck on 5 Jun 2016
The business advisory group to the G20 – the B20 – held its Second Joint Task Force meeting in Paris last week, during heavy rains that have since led to the evacuation of priceless paintings from... read more

New Zealand Co-operatives

Posted by Chuck on 16 Mar 2016
The International Co-operative Alliance sent its first official delegation to New Zealand earlier this month, following a Board meeting in Sydney, Australia. This was long overdue, given the... read more


Posted by Chuck on 27 Jan 2016

China launches the 2016 B20

Posted by Chuck on 27 Jan 2016
In Beijing this week for the 2016 kickoff of the B20, the business advisory group to the G20, which China hosts this year, the tenor is provided by the recent movements in the Chinese economy. Net... read more

.coop domain $76.8 per year

Posted by nicola on 2 Dec 2015
Did you know that the cost of a .coop domain depends on how many years you register for?  If you take up our First Year Free offer and then pay annually, the cost is $120 a year for subsequent... read more


Posted by Chuck on 22 Nov 2015

Alliance in Antalya, Turkey

Posted by Chuck on 22 Nov 2015
The International Co-operative Alliance recently concluded its biennial Global Conference and General Assembly – this year in Antalya, Turkey. In spite of general security concerns in the region and... read more


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