Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Report (December 2016)

9 Dec 2016

Asia-Pacific Regional Committee Meeting

The ICA AP committee on Youth Co-operation conducted its 9th annual meeting on 15 November 2016, on the sidelines of this assembly of the ICA Asia and Pacific. The committee was set up in 2006 after functioning as a sub-committee. The meeting was attended by eight members and was chaired by Mr. Udaya Prabath from Sri Lanka Consumer Co-operative Societies Federation Ltd. who urged all Alliance members to nominate a maximum of two youth to the ICA-AP youth committee as well as youth to the Global Youth Network to express support for youth in the co-operative movement. Updates was provided from members of which (Sri Lanka) COOPFED’s initiative on organizing its national youth committee, training of 5000 fishers by (India) FISHCOPFED, (Bhutan) creation of the Youth Social Co-operative, co-operative sensitization programs in Nepal are noteworthy. Nepal, Bhutan and India were identified by the committee in its strategy to revitalise the youth co-operative movement in the south Asian region. Members also made a proposal that looked at an inter-governmental collaboration to promote youth and co-operatives. The proposal pitched to facilitate the participation of youth committee members at a short-term management training course organized at the Co-operative College of Malaysia. The committee has decided to pursue the proposal and ascertain how this can be achieved. The new committee office bearers will be elected in 2017. The committee resolved to increase active participation, continue its online meetings, have more bilateral exchanges, come up with ideas on the theme and outcomes from the next youth summit,  participate in the global conference on university/campus co-operatives that will be organised by the university committee during ICA’s global conference and assembly in 2017 in KL, Malaysia. The membership of the committee comprises of 23 nominated representatives from Alliance members from 11 Countries

Asia-Pacific Workshop on University/Campus Co-operatives in SAARC nations

On 16 November 2016, the National Co-operative Union of India (NCUI) and the ICA-AP Committee on University/Campus Co-operatives (University Committee) jointly organized a knowledge sharing workshop on University/Campus Co-operatives in SAARC nations, themed on positioning campus co-operatives in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop was organized on the sidelines of the 12th Regional Assembly on the theme: co-operatives – the power to act for a sustainable future. The idea of the workshop was given by Late. Dr. Dinesh, former Chief Executive, NCUI at the 7th annual meeting that was held in Bangkok (Thailand) in September 2015 and all committee members welcomed the initiative and helped co-organize it. Case studies on co-operatives and student life on campuses was shared by Alliance members Singapore National Co-operative Federation, Metro Manila consumer co-operatives Ltd. (Philippines), University of Mysore (India), Japanese National Federation of University Co-operatives Association, University of Delhi (India). Dr. Daman Prakash, formerly of the ILO and the ICA Asia and Pacific delivered the key note address where he asserted the importance of promoting co-operatives in university/campuses as well as in the education curriculum in SAARC nations. The workshop was attended by 50 participants from 10 countries and was facilitated by Dr. Yashwantha Dongre of the University of Mysore (India). Mr. Balu Iyer, regional director addressed the gathering and expressed support from the ICA-AP towards the revitalizing university/campus co-operatives in the SAARC nations.


The University Committee also organised its 8th annual meeting on 15 November at the Assembly venue in New Delhi, which was attended by representatives from India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. A representative from Nepal was inducted as a new member. Observers from Iran, Sri Lanka were also present. The total strength of the committee is 13 members from 11 countries. The 8th meeting in New Delhi resulted in the election of the new board that now comprises of Dr. Azlan Yahya representing ANGKASA (Malaysia) as Chairperson, and Dr. Motoo Furuta from the National Federation of University Co-operative Association (Japan) as the only Vice Chairperson. The committee celebrated the 20th anniversary of its functioning as a group of representatives of the university co-operative movement, in September 2015, during the 7th annual meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand. A joint workshop with the youth committee on “moving ahead towards sustainable growth and development in the co-operative decade” was organised in collaboration with the Co-operative League of Thailand and the Thailand Consumer Co-operative Federation in University. The committee saw opportunity in organizing a global conference on university/campus co-operatives during the ICA Global Conference and Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017 and decided to form an organizing team specifically for the conference to work on the theme, date, venue and resource speakers. Suggestions/Nominations for young speakers from the co-operative sector at the global conference can be sent to santosh.kumar@icaap.coop


Asia-Pacific Upcoming Events

  • Sub-Regional Seminar on National Youth Policies and Cooperative Legislation (April 2017, Bhutan)

  • 2nd ICA Asia-Pacific Youth Summit & Committee Meeting (July 2017, China)

  • Global Conference on University/Campus Cooperatives (November 2017, Malaysia)

  • National Seminars on Financial Literacy for Youth Cooperation (2017, Asia-Pacific)


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