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10 October 2016
This October 2016 report published by the International Co-operative Alliance reveals the contributions of co-operatives to gender...
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15 July 2016
Las cooperativas, como todos los tipos de empresa, enfrentan desafíos para obtener el monto y el tipo adecuado de capital que necesitan....
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2 June 2016
Co-­operatives, as economic operators, have been involved in global supply chains since their origins. The co-­operative...
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25 May 2016
This report is the foundational report for the Alliance’s Doing Co-operative Business (DCB) project, which would evaluate the enabling...
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26 April 2016
The Alliance has released in March 2016 its "Sustainability Reporting for Co-operatives: A Guidebook”. This tool is one that any co-...
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26 October 2016
"The Capital Conundrum for Co-operatives", a new report released by the Alliance’s Blue Ribbon Commission explores ideas and options...
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19 March 2015
The main goal of the world Co-operative Monitor project is to develop a multi-dimensional database reporting on the socio-economic value...
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11 March 2015
This publication by the International Co-operative Alliance Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) Women’s Committee is an update of the successful ICA...
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7 May 2015
Commissioned by the International Co-operative Alliance, the Survey of Co-operative Capital Report examines the debt and equity...
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19 February 2015
The World of Work 2014 edition focuses on developing countries and argues that quality jobs are a key driver for development. It...
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