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We offer two types of membership: national-level co-operatives and organisations that unite or federate groups of co-operatives may become Members while other kinds of organisations that are not themselves co-operatives, but that support them in some way, can become Associate Members. To learn more about eligibility, click here.

Benefits of Membership

The Membership Prospectus and Member Services Brochure provides you with more information on the benefits of membership.

Costs of Membership

Organisations can apply as a full Member with voting rights or an Associate Member. Membership dues are calculated based on subscription formulae for Members and on a flat fee scale Associate Members, as described in the ByLaws. Members pay an annual subscription based on the number of their individual members (number of individuals they represent through their member societies). You can get a quote by contacting the Director of Membership.

How to Apply

Candidates for membership must fill in a Membership Application Form and provide the International Co-operative Alliance with the following documents/information:

  • Rules of the Organisation
  • Annual Report
  • List of member societies /affiliates
  • List of organisational affiliations

The completed form and supporting documents should be sent to the Alliance by e-mail, fax +41 22 798 41 22, or post:

Mrs Gretchen Hacquard - Director of Membership,

International Co-operative Alliance
avenue Milcamps 105
1030 Brussels - Belgium