The 2014 World Co-operative Monitor

09 Oct 2014

Top 300 co-operatives have a turnover of 2.2 trillion USD - equivalent to 7th largest economy in the world


The third edition of the World Co-operative Monitor has revealed that the turnover of the largest 300 co-operatives has grown by 11.6% to reach 2.2 trillion USD in 2012, equivalent to the GDP of Brazil. The overall turnover of the near 2,000 co-operatives in the 65 countries surveyed by the Monitor totals 2.6 billion USD.

The International Co-operative Alliance, (the Alliance) - with the scientific and technical support of the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse) – has published the 2014 report of its global statistical project: The World Co-operative Monitor. This third edition, analysing data from 2012, aims to give visibility to the largest co-operatives, in terms of economic and/or social impact, in their countries.

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