The Global300 Report was last published in 2011 and brings together information about the 300 largest co-operative organisations around the world, in order to demonstrate the movement’s scale, breadth and reach.  In 2012 the ICA lauched the World Co-operative Monitor in collaboration with EURICSE.  Find out more about the World Co-operative Monitor.

That report states that the world's largest co-operative enterprises, have collective revenues of USD 1.6 trillion, which are comparable to the GDP of the world’s ninth largest economy - Spain.

This report analyses co-operatives in seven distinct sectors -  Agriculture/Forestry, Banking/Credit Unions, Consumer/Retail, Insurance, Workers/Industrial, Health, Utilities, and Other – and details how the global financial crisis affected each industry.  While co-operatives were not immune to financial hardship, their flexibility in responding to the shifting markets and the trust of their members enabled these businesses to survive and thrive.

The 2011 Global300 Report was kindly supported by IFFCO, Desjardins & Credit Cooperatif.  The publishing of this report coincided with the United Nations launch of the International Year of Co-operatives for 2012 in New York.

To see the 2008 report and statistics visit the Global300 website, click here

Click below to download the full version of the latest Global300 report and the press release from the launch of the latest report.