Dr. Petar Stefanov - Cooperatives Europe

Prof. Petar STEFANOV - CCW

Born on 28 November 1958 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ph.D. in Economics.

2003 – present President of Central Cooperative Union-Bulgaria

1995 – present Member of Group III of Economic and Social Council, Republic of Bulgaria

2009 – 2022 member of the ICA Board of Directors

2015 – present President of CCW

2001 –2015 Member of Executive Committee of CCW

2021 – 2025 Vice President of Cooperatives Europe

2004 – 2021 Board of Directors Member of EURO COOP

2012 – 2016 Vice President of EURO COOP


2004 and 2006 State Award of Honour for “Contribution to establishing conditions for business development in Bulgaria”

2007 Honorary medal of EURO COOP for his contribution in the development of cooperation between consumer cooperatives in Europe


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