Dato’ Kamarudin Ismail - Malaysia


Dato’ KAMARUDIN Ismail has contributed to the development of school co-operatives in Malaysia for nearly two decades. He started off his career as an educator after obtaining a degree from Edinburgh University, Scotland. His commitment in the education field, particularly in school co-op has earned him two awards from the Ministry of Education Malaysia; Co-curriculum National Figure Award in 2015 and Excellent Service Award in 2001 and 2011.

He currently serves as the Board of ANGKASA since 2012 and contributes at international level as:

•    ICA Board Member (since 2017)
•    ICAO Executive Committee (EXCOM) Member (since 2017)
•    ICAO Auditor (since 2021)
•    Vice Chair, ICA-AP Agriculture Committee (since 2018)
•    Secretary General, ASEAN Cooperative Organisation (ACO)

His extensive experience in cooperative advocacy, particularly in progressing youth engagements through cooperatives is by virtue of his strong belief that the sustainability of future co-operative leaders begins at the school level. He believes that members of ICA have common desire to create better, more sustainable and equitable economic future and if given the opportunity to serve as the Board, ANGKASA and Kamarudin will continue to pursue for a better cooperation and exchanges among members and actualizing the 6th principle; Cooperation among Cooperatives.


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