Martin Lowery - United States


Martin Lowery is the current ICA board representative from the United States.  He chairs the Cooperative Identity Committee, serves on the Membership Committee and chaired the Seoul Congress Advisory Task Force.

Lowery is Executive Vice President, Emeritus, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Lowery has served in the following cooperative roles in the United States:

  1. Board member, Cooperatives for a Better World 
  2. Former board member/chair, National Cooperative Business Association
  3. Former board member/chair, National Cooperative Bank 

He is a recent inductee to the U.S. Cooperative Hall of Fame.
Education: B.A. DePaul University and Ph.D. Duke University.

I wish to serve on the ICA Board to:

  • Support the Cooperative Principles and Values
  • Embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Work closely with the ICA Regions and Sectors
  • Advocate for Cooperative Enterprise


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