CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Cooperative Law

24 Jul 2017

The newly established Journal of Cooperative Law is looking for contributors.

The journal is going to be the first one that is both international and explicitly focused on cooperative law, inspired and encouraged by the Blueprint's emphasis on the legal framework's significance  for cooperative growth. 

See bellow how to submit your paper.

The need to know about and understand cooperative law, coupled with the absence of an academic international journal of cooperative law, gave birth to the idea of creating the: “International Journal of Cooperative Law (IJCL)

The focus of the journal is cooperative law, broadly defined as all those legal rules which regulate the structure and/or the operations of cooperatives as enterprises in the economic sense and as institutions in the legal sense, including provisions from other areas of law, applied to cooperatives.

The journal’s establishment and development aspires to contribute to fill the knowledge and research gap, while constituting the venue to establish cooperative legal theory in the discipline of law. To promote its goals, the IJCL will be an open access, online journal and its issues will be published at in order to reach the highest possible number of readers.

Authors that are interested in contributing to the IJCL’s first issue – to be published at the end of 2017 - are invited to submit their work at before the 31th of August.



The editors will consider articles, book reviews, event reports, commentaries on court cases and contributions on legislation that are of significance for a wider audience on topics related to national, regional or international cooperative law, including global and comparative perspectives.

The editors are also interested in publishing manuscripts on labor law, tax law, competition law and other areas of law that have an impact on the cooperatives’ structure and operation.

Contributions that have been previously published elsewhere in other forms or/and languages may also be submitted at the IJCL, under the condition that there will be no copyrights’ infringements.


The official language of the journal is English. Nevertheless, the abstract – apart from English- may be in French, German or Spanish. The rest of the manuscript does not have to be necessarily in English but, if accepted, the author is kindly invited to translate the manuscript into the IJCL’s official language.


There are no specific minimum or maximum requirements with regard to the length of the submitted manuscript


Please use the following example for your manuscript’s citations:

JORGE, J., ALBARRÁN,, C. & SALINAS, F. (2013): "La Economía Social ante el nuevo paradigma de Bienestar social", CIRIEC-España. Revista de Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa, 79, 5-34.


The contributions will be subject to an anonymous peer-reviewing process, during which the article will be evaluated and a decision will be made for the article’s acceptance, revision or rejection.