Cooperativa el Buen Samaritano Ltda. (EBS) from Bolivia

05 Oct 2011

Cooperativa el Buen Samaritano Ltda (EBS) from Bolivia became a Member of the ICA on 27 October 2011. EBS was founded on 29 November 1965 and is national-level credit union. It has national coverage with a network of 27 offices in seven of the nine states. It is currently in the process of joining the field of supervision. It offers financial products in the credit market, deposits, and auxiliary financial services.

Their aims and objectives are to encourage savings and benefit its partners with loans, through the efficient financial intermediation to promote economic and social development for them, based on democratic control, solidarity, political, economic and religious neutrality through operations that are allowed as a specialized entity. In 2006 EBS had 14,003 individual members. By 2009, their individual members increased to 22,792. In 2009, they had 218 employees of which 113 are women. Their turnover was USD 4 million. It has assets of USD 44 million. For more information:




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