Movement responds to disasters in Nepal and Vanuatu

27 May 2015

In the weeks following Alliance appeals, the global co-operative movement was fast to respond to the crises in Vanuatu and Nepal. Co-operatives from across the world have also launched appeals to support members in the two countries.

One of the world’s poorest nations, Vanuatu was left devastated by cyclone Pam, which stroke the island nation on 13 March with 155mph winds. Eleven people were killed, while homes roads and power supplies were destroyed. Co-operatives in Vanuatu are providing cash benefits to the worst affected provinces to allow their members to get back on their feet.

Nepal was also severely affected by two devastating earthquakes that struck the country on 25 April and 12 May. The death toll has reached 8,635, with over 300 people missing. The National Cooperative Federation, Nepal (NCF/N) and the National Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation (NACCFL) have been carrying out relief activities and are looking to step up the reconstruction efforts. The second phase reconstruction efforts will be focused on construction (office, warehouse, members, livestock), income generation activities, distribution of seeds, and purchase of livestock.  The Nepal Federation of Savings & Credit Cooperative Unions (NEFSCUN) and Association of Asian Confederation Credit Unions (ACCU) are active on the ground, providing relief to staff and members of Nepalese credit unions.

The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperatives (IFFCO) has provided relief packet of $250,000 to assist over 10,000 families through NCF/N. The packets meant for one family that it had enough provisions (polythene sheet, mat, blanket, dhoti, saree, rice, pulses, sugar, salt, roasted gram, turmeric powder, tea, milk powder, pickle, matchbox, candle) to meet a week’s requirement. In New Zealand a recruitment co-operative has raised over NZD $31,000 for people in Vanuatu. The co-op, called Seasonal Solutions, employs over 650 workers from Vanuatu, who are currently working in New Zealand. In the UK the Co-operative Group raised over £35,000 for Nepal’s victims through the Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Nepal Earthquake Appeal while the Midcounties Co-operative’s appeal resulted in £40,000.

ICA-AP members from China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand have opened up their purses and other members are actively getting their members to contribute. The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada, the World Council of Credit Unions and the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions are raising donations from their members.

You can send your contributions to the International Co-operative Alliance at:

Beneficiary account: ACI Solidarité Bank address: KBC - Place Dailly 3 - 1030 Brussels – Belgium IBAN: BE28 7340 3825 7920 BIC: KREDBEBB

Important! Mention to include as payment reference: VANUATU or NEPAL


Sending medical supplies to Nepal

To continue medical services, medicines and medical supplies urgently needed. However, as the use of Kathmandu international airport is currently strictly limited, the only way to transport emergency supplies is over land. Through ICA-AP, APHCO (the Asia-Pacific Health Co-operative Organisation) requests members to send medicines and medical supplies directly to Phect-NEPAL by land transport.

Please find below the destination address for medical aid:

Public Health Concern Trust (phect-NEPAL) Contact person: Mr Suman Shuresth GPO Box: 6064, Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu Phone: +977-4-222450, 4-232328, 4-240805 Fax: +977-4-256917


Photo: Vanuatu in the aftermath of cyclone Pam.