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Review of International Co-operation to look at co-op research in Latin America

24 Aug 2017

The forthcoming edition of The Review of International Co-operation will focus on co-operative research in Latin America.

Titled Cooperatives in Latin America, Research in the 21st Century, the issue presents views from the region that may shed light on developments and alternative points of view as to what co-operativism represents as a socio-economic movement.

Guest editors Claudia Sanchez Bajo, Mirta Vuotto and Ana Maria Sarria Icaza will introduce readers to the diverse co-operative ecosystem in the region. While some parts of the world have veered away from co-operation as a model of economic development, policy frameworks and new-cooperativist efforts in Latin America are paving the way to an alternative economy.

The special issue of the review, which is edited and published by the Alliance's Committee on Co-operative Research, will be launched at the end of 2017 and will be available on the CCR website.