The ICA launches the International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT)

23 Oct 2018

Yesterday, 20 cooperatives and cooperative groups established an International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT). The event was organized in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in conjunction with the ICA General Assembly and the V Cooperative Summit of the Americas. 

Innovation, competitiveness, research, education, economic impact…but above all inter-cooperation were the topics discussed. The meeting was moderated by Javier Sotil, former President of the Mondragon Corporation who offered a view of the global challenges cooperative enterprises are facing.

The objective of the ICETT is to serve as a strategic hub at the service of the cooperative movement to strengthen the entrepreneurial performance of cooperatives. 

The World Cooperative Monitor was presented yesterday by Hyungsik Eum, Strategy and Statistics Coordinator of the ICA, the new edition is available here

The cooperatives and cooperative groups that took part were the following:

  • Instituto Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos and Banco Credicoop Cooperativo
  • Cooperativa de Portuarios del Puerto de San Martin
  • Cooperativa La Cruz Azul
  • Cooperativa Obrera
  • Fundacion Espriu, Spain
  • Kibbutz Movement
  • La Segunda
  • Mondragon Corporation
  • Sancor Seguros
  • Smart
  • S-Group
  • The Midcounties Co-operative
  • Up Group