Latest Coop Insider focuses on the cooperative identity

17 Jun 2022
The June 2022 of Coop Insider

The June 2022 of Coop Insider is out now, with a special focus on the cooperative identity.

Turning to the cooperative identity, the newsletter has a set of articles on how it can “help cooperatives better illustrate their value for society as resilient, people-centred businesses that build an economy for all and support their local communities“.

There is a link to a survey being carried out by the ICA Cooperative Identity Advisory Group, with cooperators invited to share their views on whether the cooperative identity is adequately defined and understood. 

The edition also includes an interview with Iñigo Albizuri Landazabal, Chair of the ICETT working group on the Cooperative Identity as a Competitive Advantage. And is a look at efforts by cooperatives to use the identity to engage members and improve services –  including UK retailer Midcounties, Netherlands’  Rabobank in the Netherlands and Cameroon’s ENOFOCC youth cooperative in Cameroon. Cooperatives also benefit from working together, as shown by the National Co+op Grocers (NCG) in the USA and the FACTICC tech cooperatives federation in Argentina.

We also look back at an online discussion hosted by the ICA on 13 May, which saw 300 participants explore the outcomes of last year’s World Cooperative Congress and outlined the next steps for deepening the identity.

The newsletter also features links to the sessions of the Congress, now available online, and dates for the cooperative diary, and a round-up of the latest news – including discussions of the social and solidarity economy by the International Labour Organization, which had participation from the ICA, a webinar with the candidates in the upcoming election for ICA President, a look at how cooperatives are helping with humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, and details of a new online data platform for cooperatives around the world.





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