New ICA video tells the cooperative story

22 Apr 2024

“This is the story of how ordinary people made extraordinary things a lifestyle,” says a new promotional video launched by the ICA.

Created to raise awareness of the cooperative business model and the role of the ICA, the video explains how cooperatives build a better world by empowering their members and putting the planet’s well-being ahead of profit.

In three minutes, the video explains how the ICA plays a key role in connecting cooperatives around the world, advocating for the interests and successes of cooperatives worldwide and collaborating with global and regional institutions to promote the model.

A good way to introduce the cooperative movement, the video also makes it easy to understand the complex ICA structure and functioning. “Unlike every other story, this one has no end. The story of sustainable futures, proud workers, consumers, users and producers. It’s the story of people getting TOGETHER to build a better world,” concludes the video.

The video has been produced by Bruna, a worker cooperative from Barcelona, Spain, specialising in filmmaking.

Watch the video here, and find the Spanish and French versions too!

Discover more about the ICA and its global cooperative network here.