Podcast featuring the late cooperative law pioneer, Professor Hans-Hermann Münkner

18 Dec 2023

As cooperative law experts around the world mourn the death of Prof Hans Munkner, we look back at his incredible contribution to the field of cooperative law. 

Back in July, a group of co-op law experts travelled to Marburg, Germany to meet Prof Munkner, who kindly shared his views on the role of the ICA in advancing knowledge and practice. 

Besides Professor Munkner, the group included the Chair of the ICA Cooperative Law Committee, Hagan Henrÿ, law committee member Ifigeneia Douvitsa, ICA Cooperative Law Network member Dr. Leonardo Rafael D’souza, and Director of Legislation at the ICA, Santosh Kumar.

The podcast, recorded on 15 July 2023 and produced with the support of the Co-operative News, is available here.

Read our tribute to Professor Hans-H. Münkner here.

Photo shows Prof Munkner and his wife with the CLC team


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