Social and Solidarity economy coalition presents key messages for the International Labour Conference

19 May 2022

The International Coalition of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ICSSE) has released a position paper ahead of the International Labour Conference in Geneva (27 May-11 June), which will include a discussion on the social and solidarity economy (SSE).

ICSSE was set up in September 2021 to represent SSE actors at international level. The position paper highlights its key messages for the conference, calling on ILO constituents “to grasp this historical momentum for the promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy”.

The paper says that because the SSE is integral to the economy, the ILC should campaign for legal frameworks that cover all its different organisational forms, including cooperatives.

The ICSSE also supports the definition of SSE proposed in the ILO report, which highlights the common characteristics of SSE organisations and enterprises (SSEOEs) based on shared values and principles.

The position paper emphasises the SSE’s mission to formalise the informal economy and demands “a robust enabling environment to be established with solid prudential regulation, protecting democratic governance, autonomy, as well as voluntary and open membership”.

ICSSE also urges the ILO to continue spearheading the promotion of the SSE within the United Nations system and beyond.

The full position paper is available in English, French, and Spanish.


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