Top five reasons why you should attend the World Cooperative Congress

22 Oct 2021

As the World Cooperative Congress approaches, we’ve looked at some of the main attractions for those planning to attend, be that in person or online.

1. Celebrate our legacy and plan for the future

ICA Congresses are historical moments for the cooperative movement. This year’s event will see the cooperative movement explore its identity so it can build a more secure future. Using the current global crisis as a framework, discussions will aim to deepen the cooperative identity by examining its values, strengthening its actions, committing to its principles and living its achievements.

 2. Get inspired

The Congress will feature a range of plenaries and parallel sessions, dealing with crucial issues for the movement such as the digital transition and access to capital. Delegates will be able to hear from inspiring speakers - from film makers to cooperative leaders – and exciting cooperatives that are making a difference and driving innovation.

For more information on the World Cooperative Congress, check out the Congress website and the provisional programme.

3. You have the option of attending in person or online

The World Cooperative Congress will be a hybrid event: you can attend in person (in Seoul, Republic of Korea) or online from your own home or office to make sure anyone who wants to attend Congress can do so. Organising the World Cooperative Congress as a hybrid event will allow us to continue our cooperative connections, share our stories on our commitment to the communities we serve, and expand our reach.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that despite needing to stay distanced to be safe, we can remain engaged with our members through creative and innovative communications channels. To do this, we continue to provide the cooperative movement with the platforms to network with each other, but also seek ways to expand our reach.

Learn more about both options here

4. Network with other delegates

The Congress will bring together delegates from all over the world so there will be plenty of chances to make valuable contacts and share best practices. If you are traveling to Seoul you can take part in a series of networking sessions, including a Gala dinner on 1 December. Those participating from home can watch the live stream or the recording of the ceremony. By attending you will be able to not only market your cooperative, but also meet potential business partners.

5. Discover the Republic of Korea and the Korean cooperative movement

Whether you are thinking of traveling to Seoul or attending online, the Congress will give you the opportunity to find out more about the cooperative movement in the Republic of Korea. You will hear from successful local cooperatives and, if attending in person, be able to visit them.

Those traveling to Korea will also have the chance to explore the local culture, as well as Seoul’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Jogyesa Temple.


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