Tools and Apps for the Cooperative Movement

This webpage was created to provide the cooperative movement with useful information on software and technologies that can be helpful in their work and to better serve their members. The digital revolution is a big challenge for many in the cooperative movement. Below is a list of tools and apps created by IT coops, recommended by IT coops, made by and/or for the cooperative movement.  

Can’t find what you are looking for here? Join our Patio platform, post what you’re looking for, and the IT coops will recommend solutions.  There is also an open list of coop made software or coop run services on the Patio platform here.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, the tools and apps listed below have not all been used or endorsed by the ICA but have been recommended by cooperators or created by IT coops.

Collaboration Tools

Loomio logo

Developed by a worker owned coop

Cost: see website

Loomio makes it easy for groups of all shapes and sizes to collaborate and make decisions across time and space. Discuss and make decisions with colleagues, committees and boards.

Recommended by: the ICA & many other coops

NextCloud logo

Open source 

Cost: 0 for a small amount of storage space. See website for more options.

NextCloud is a multi-purpose online shared space with tools like file sharing and storage, online document editing, email, calendars, tasks, etc.

Recommended by: GreenNet. ICA uses for file storage and sharing.

Agromovil Logo


Cost: Agromovil takes a small percentage of each transaction arranged on the platform.

A mobile, cloud-based platform connecting producers, transporters and markets.

Recommended by: DotCoop and Comultrasan.

Kantree logo

Developed by Digicoop, a remote-first co-op based in France

Cost: EUR 7 per user per month 

Kantree is a flexible work management and collaboration platform to unleash collective intelligence. From click-and-done templates to the most advanced customization options, Kantree helps teams take control of workflows to better plan, track, collaborate and become more efficient.

Online Chat, Email and Discussion

Discourse Logo

Discourse Forum
Open source

Cost: $5+ depending on host. IT coops can give you a good quote on patio (ICA’s discussion forum built with Discourse).

Online discussion forum offering secure and private spaces.

Recommended by: ICA and various other cooperators.

Mattermost Logo

Mattermost Chat
Open source

Cost: 0 for basic

Messaging service. Chat in private or public channels, direct messages, masses of emojis :)

Recommended by: GreenNet.

Logo Mumble

Open source

Cost: 0 for basic

Voice chat.

Recommended by: GreenNet

Logo Thunderbird

Open source

Cost: free 

Email client from the makers of Firefox.

Recommended by many cooperators.

Operating System, Operating Software and Security

Logo GNU and Linux

Open source

Cost: free distribution options available here

Linux is an operating system and GNU is the software developed to work with it.

Recommended by: many cooperators.

Logo LibreOffice

Libre Office
Open source

Cost: free

Suite of office tools including document editing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Recommended by: many cooperators.

Photo Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Managed Security Platform
Developed by UL Technology Solutions, the IT initiative of ULCCS.

Cost: Contact Kishor Kumar,

Assess and Secure the IT and ICT infrastructure.
(Evaluate, Detect, Prevent and Respond to Cyber threats, CSoC)

Recommended by: ULCCS, developed for all coops.

Websites & Internet Browsers

Logo Drupal

Open source

Cost: free software

A platform for building websites.

Recommended by: ICA and other cooperators.

logo firefox

Mozilla Firefox
Open source

Cost: free 

Website browser.

Customer Relationship Management & Accounting Software

logo civicrm

Open Source

Cost: free to download, but host and installation assistance recommended here

CRM software developed for nonprofit and civic sector. Some features: Contact management, Contributions, Events
Memberships, Email marketing, Reports, Accounting integration, Case management, Advocacy campaigns, Peer-to-peer fundraisers, etc. 

Recommended by: ICA and many cooperators.

logo hms

HMS - Hospital Management System
Developed by UL Technology Solutions, the IT initiative of ULCCS.

Cost: Contact Kishor Kumar,

The integrated care management through our Hospital Information System (HIS) automates the whole patient care, electronic medical records, real-time health information, administrative and inventory functions.

Recommended by: ULCCS, developed for hospital coops.

logo mycoop

Developed by Innocircle Initiative, an IT coop

Cost: free here.

MYCOOP is a platform to manage membership and loyalty programs for cooperatives, startups, small business enterprises, and community members. Through this application partners can provide  information, promotion, and develop wider membership.
logo gnu cash

GNU Cash
Open source

Cost: free 

Accounting software.

Recommended by Agaric.

Productivity Tools

logo moodlight

Developed by Camplight, a digital coop

Cost: free trial period

Emotional intelligence for teams, an instrument for helping teams to be present, to recognize their emotions, share them, and work on achieving another level of team synchronization and vibration.

Mapping & Directories

cooperatives connect

Cooperatives Connect

Cost: contact ICA for a quote to turn your data into LOD.

Cooperatives Connect is an online platform supported by Linked Open Data, created to help the cooperative movement connect, communicate and collaborate.

Recommended by: ICA and DotCoop


Developed by UL Technology Solutions, the IT initiative of ULCCS.

Cost: Contact Kishor Kumar,

An integrated platform for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. ULGIS reveals deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations—helping users make smarter decisions. Tool for community planning and utilities.

Recommended by: ULCCS, developed for agribusiness and dairy coops.

logo covid-19 management portal

COVID-19 Management Portal
Developed by UL Technology Solutions, the IT initiative of ULCCS.

Cost: Contact Kishor Kumar,

The Covid-19 management portal provide software, services, and materials that help people to understand, manage, and communicate the impact of the outbreak.

Recommended by: ULCCS, developed for cooperatives and governments to contain and manage the pandemic.

We also want to hear from you! If you are using any great tools that can benefit other cooperators, let Gretchen Hacquard know and we will post it here. Preference is given for tools that are open source, have been created for and/or by coops. Please provide the following details for each tool or app:

  • App name
  • Developed by? Are you a coop, company, etc…?
  • Short description of the app. What problem will it solve for members?
  • Web link for more information about the app
  • Photo
  • Cost 
  • Who recommends/uses the app


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