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2017 General Assembly


It is with great pleasure that we invite members to participate in the General Assembly 2017 of the International Co-operative Alliance to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in conjunction with our Global Conference. Others who are attending the conference are also welcome to observe.

The full Alliance Board will be elected during the General Assembly to be held on Friday 17 November.

The full agenda for the General Assembly will be provided in advance of the meeting and will include other important items for decision such as Approval of the 2016 Accounts and Appointment of the Auditor, proposed amendments to the Articles & ByLaws, and approval of any motions and resolutions submitted.

Members of the Alliance who have the right to vote and are in good standing are invited to submit a nomination for a member at-large or President. You may do so by filling in the nomination form (English, French or Spanish) and submitting it not less than 2 months before the General Assembly (17 September 2017). 

The Standing Orders for Board Election are available in English, French or Spanish. The Articles & ByLaws of the Alliance can be downloaded here in English, French and Spanish:

For further information, please contact Gretchen Hacquard, Director of Membership,