Aditya Yadav - India


Mr. Aditya Yadav is a millennial leader who was born in a family of welfarists and cooperators, and who wants to promote cooperatives and represent cooperators across generations and geographies. Aditya aspires to be a locally rooted global thinker and had become the youngest person to win seat on the ICA Board in 2017.

He was born in the agricultural revolution in India and at the age of 27 became the youngest member of the board of IFFCO and the youngest chairperson of the Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Federation.
If elected, among other things, Aditya is committed to working closely with the ICA Youth Representative and representative of the Gender Committee on the Board. Aditya is confident that the work of the ICA can help the global community and cooperatives worldwide achieve the common goals we have set together for 2030.

He reaffirms his commitment to democratic, fair and transparent working to solve problems in these unprecedented times of multiple crisis of the pandemic and other challenges. Improving Solidarity and Communication amongst members will be his top priority.
Aditya and his team of fellow cooperators are prepared for a just and human-centred recovery to build a better world through cooperatives.


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