Bahman Abdollahi - Iran


Mr. Bahman Abdollahi, holding a DBA in Business Management, is currently the President of the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives (ICC), the country’s apex body for the cooperative movement. Having 30+ years of experience, he’s been the President and member of the board of ICC since 2011 and also CEO of the National Union of Consumers’ Cooperatives since 2009.

During his tenure, he’s been working hard to develop and strengthen cooperatives in Iran, exceeding 95.000 cooperatives. He’s been in direct contact with the government, parliament, and all the high councils of the country to include cooperatives in their decisions regarding social and economic issues. 

His top priorities are:

  1. Promoting and Deepening the Cooperative Identity
  2. Innovation, Digitalization and Platform Coops
  3. Education, Training and Cooperative Research
  4. Youth and Gender Equality
  5. Networking and Business Cooperation
  6. Strengthening of the World Cooperative Economy
  7. Legislation and Monitoring implementation of Cooperative Laws

He believes that expanding cooperatives throughout the country and the world will lead to fair wealth distribution, reduce the gap between social classes, increase employment levels, and improve society and quality of life


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