Cooperatives' answer to COVID-19

Stories of cooperation

This section looks at cooperatives are answering to the pandemic, revealing a series of measures adopted to support members and their communities during the crisis.

Solidarity fund to address health needs and provide livelihood support in India and Nepal (May 2021) 

Cooperative Insider - Special Feature: Cooperatives' answer to COVID-19 (February 2021) 

World Cooperative Monitor showcases cooperative answers to COVID-19 (January 2021)


Mapping cooperatives' answer (last update Sep. 2020)

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ICA members' response

Here you will find information from ICA members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and related news on the cooperative movement at large. 

  • Share the contributions our members are making to help others
  • Enable engagement and cooperation among cooperatives
  • Provide a voice to those who need help during this time of crisis.

For other information related to COVID-19, please send an email to