María Eugenia Pérez Zea - Colombia


Elected as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in the global cooperative movement in 2020 by the organisation SHE-COOPS, María Eugenia Pérez Zea is an international speaker and current Executive Director of the Colombian Cooperative Association - Ascoop. She is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Coomeva Cooperative Business Group (2022-2026), Chair of the Gender Equality Committee of the International Cooperative Alliance - ICA (2012 to date), has been a member of the ICA World Board since 2018, and is President of the Colombian Cooperative Lawyers Association - COOLEGAS.

I aspire to be a member of the Board, and to contribute to the promotion and growth of the model, its identity, and cooperatives’ sense of belonging to the ICA in the Americas. To do so, I will put my experience representing and advocating for cooperatives into practice. For 20 years, I have continued to build on this experience in cooperatives, performing a number of different roles within the cooperative movement.

I see the ICA as a great opportunity to make the work of women and youth in cooperatives visible, and this requires our active participation. Now is the time for our leadership; now is the time to make our voices heard!
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