In its International Day, Cooperatives highlight the path to social justice and environmental sustainability

06 Jul 2018

Tomorrow, 7 July 2018, cooperators around the world will be celebrating the International Day of Cooperatives under the international theme of Sustainable societies through cooperation. With almost 200 years of history, the cooperative movement has shown how, thanks to its values, principles and democratic governance structures, cooperatives have sustainability and resilience at their core.

“On the International Day of Cooperatives, we are going to tell the world that it is possible to grow with democracy, equity and social justice. That our societies cannot continue wasting resources and excluding people. That we must improve the present and preserve the future for the next generations. And that we are proud to be part of this movement. A movement with values and principles. A movement committed to social justice and environmental sustainability,” the President of the International Cooperative Alliance, Ariel Guarco, declared.

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