The V Cooperative Summit of the Americas will be held in Buenos Aires

15 May 2018

The capital of Argentina expects more than a thousand cooperative members from all over the continent between 23 and 26 October.

The safeguarding of the planet, a financial system for sustainable development and the integration of the social and solidarity economy in the face of global challenges are the three central themes of the V Summit, which is organised by the Region of the Americas of the International Cooperative Alliance and by the Cooperative Confederation of the Argentine Republic (Cooperar).

The commission of Cooperative Affairs in Argentina has recently approved an initiative declaring this continental event of interest to the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation.

“The world is facing decisive times because the predominant development model has shown its limits and it’s not compatible with the planet’s sustainability. The United Nations, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, have made a dramatic appeal to change the way we produce and consume,” state the entities in the session.

According to the proposal, “the cooperatives, together with the mortgage-lending institutions and the rest of the social economy and solidarity organisations can promote participatory, democratic and solidary processes, which will be decisive in the face of these global challenges.”

The activities will take place at the Hotel Panamericano, a few metres from the Obelisk of the City of Buenos Aires. During the four days, there will be 16 meetings, forums and workshops that will provide continuity for the debates held in Montevideo, Uruguay two years ago.

There will be magisterial conferences by specialists with international prestige, who will present the scenario and the main challenges that cooperativism must face on a global scale.

There will be three major workshops on each theme, with the technical assistance of professionals in participatory methodologies, who will work on presentations selected by the Academic Committee.

Prior to the Summit, preparatory National Meetings will be held in order to have the positioning of cooperatives in each country on the topics under discussion.