2024 arrivals: the ICA welcomes a new member from Saudi Arabia

17 Jan 2024

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development from Saudi Arabia has joined the ICA in December 2023 as an Associate Member.

A government entity, the Ministry is responsible for formulating labour policies as well as all matters related to social affairs and development programmes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The Ministry also includes a Department of Cooperative Associations. The country is home to 419 cooperatives which are registered with the Ministry.

The Ministry has joined the ICA to connect and collaborate with cooperative organisations and professionals from around the world, gain access to a wealth of resources, publications, research papers, and case studies related to cooperatives, and participate in training programmes, workshops, and educational events aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of cooperative professionals.

The Ministry also believes the ICA membership contributes to the global visibility and recognition of cooperatives as a sustainable and impactful business model.

More information about the Ministry and co-ops in Saudi Arabia is available at http://www.hrsd.gov.sa.

The ICA has now 300 member organisations of which 262 are Full Members and 38 are Associate Members from 103 countries.

Photo: Riyadh roads, Getty Images


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