#CoopIdentity survey 15 October deadline announced

12 Sep 2022

More than 1,200 cooperators worldwide have answered the Cooperative Identity Survey, which remains available until 15 October.

The survey, which can be answered in no more than 10 minutes, is now available in 11 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Portuguese and Spanish.

Cooperators are encouraged to continue to share the survey, emphasising the opportunity to answer it in any of the 11 languages listed above. Those wishing to raise awareness about the initiative can do so using the media toolkit created by the ICA.

So far, the survey has been completed by organisations (26.4%), individual cooperators (36.7%) and experts (36.7%). Respondents came from all continents – namely 9% from Africa, 51.5% from the Americas, 20.5% from Asia-Pacific and 18.7% from Europe. While the survey is available in 11 languages, as of today, the majority of responses were received in English, with Spanish and French. On the other end of the spectrum are Portuguese (17 responses), Nepali (3), Italian (5), Chinese (3), Arabic (3) and Greek (0). Those wishing to take the survey who have not done so yet are encouraged to do so by 15 October!

“The survey is an important step in our examination of whether the cooperative identity–our principles and values, our cooperative difference–is well defined and understood. Have you and your members answered? We want to hear your voice!”, said Alexandra Wilson, Chair, ICA Cooperative Identity Advisory Group.

Take the survey now!