The edition 2021 of the Review of International Cooperation is out!

01 Jun 2022

The final version of the Review of International Cooperation (2021) is now available on the International Cooperative Alliance website.

A special edition of the Review of International Cooperation, it focuses on “Bridging Divides: Promoting Economic, Social, and Cultural Democracy”, and seeks to bring members of the global cooperative movement together to stimulate and facilitate the discussion on the strength of its diversity. 

This Review published by the ICA Committee on Cooperative Research (ICA CCR) was edited by Mitch Diamantopoulos, Fiona Duguid, Isobel M. Findlay, Judith Harris, Costas Iliopoulos, Roger Spear and M. Derya Tarhan.

In their introduction, Isobel M. Findlay and Fiona Duguid write: “As a movement we must be self-reflective and critical, ensuring that marginalised and racialised populations (specifically Black and Indigenous communities and people of colour) are meaningfully engaged in all aspects of co-operative development. 

“We reflect here upon democratising and decolonizing efforts to bridge divides with cooperative enterprises across national and other differences. This collection of papers demonstrates the potential of enterprise founded on cooperative values and principles so long as we remain vigilant about colonial and neo-colonial incursions. Authors draw on historical and current examples in underlining ongoing opportunities as well as continuing barriers that face the cooperative movement.”

The Review includes a tribute to cooperative scholar and governance expert Johnston Birchall, who died last year, by Isobel M. Findlay.

Mitch Diamantopoulos takes a look at regional disparities in the global cooperative movement.

The burgeoning platform cooperative movement comes under the microscope, with Jiang Zhu and Olivera Marjanovic looking at its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Paulo Anania looks at how education and training for members can enhance good governance, and Roger Spear looks at cooperative hybrids.

There is a report on an Indigenous panel discussion from the Canadian Association for the Study of Co-operation Conference 2021, which featured Mary Nirlungayuk, Wanda Wuttunee, Louise Champagne and was facilitated by Judith Harris.

Isobel M Findlay interviews leading cooperative academic Sonja Novkovic.

And there are book reviews by Roger Spear of Waking the Asian Pacific Cooperative Potential (ed. Morris Altman, Anthony Jensen, Akira Kurimoto, Robby Tulus, Yashavantha Dongre, Seungkwon Jang), and by Judith Harris of The New Systems Reader: Alternatives to a Failed Economy (ed. James Gustave Speth and Kathleen Courrier).

The collection highlights “the broad range of challenges and solutions, issues and realities, forward thinking and reflections on the past,” the introduction adds.

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