ICA Director General visits UN Headquarters to discuss preparations for 2025 International Year of Cooperatives

01 Feb 2024

On 29 and 30 January, the Director General of ICA, Jeroen Douglas, accompanied by the Director of Policy, Joseph Njuguna, visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York to have strategic discussions and plan for the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives in 2025.

Concrete outcomes of these meetings include setting a roadmap for the launch of the International Year of Cooperatives, outlining some of the key areas of focus that would be impactful with measurable results for cooperatives, and actionable steps to be taken by stakeholders involved. 

Key stakeholders, including the Chief of Social Perspective on Development Branch, Wenyan Yang, and Andrew Allimadi, the coordinator of Cooperative Issues at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and Ulziibaaya Vangasuren, Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the UN worked collaboratively to set the plans for the International Year. Mongolia is the UN Member State that sponsored the resolution that called for the proclamation of 2025 as an International Year of Cooperatives and the Resolutions of Cooperatives in Social Development since 1992. The official launch of the International Year was discussed and proposed to happen during the ICA Global Conference scheduled for 25-30 November 2024, marking a crucial milestone in the planning process.

ICA DG UN Headquarters 29 January 2024

Deliberations also centered on determining priority objectivesthe theme, and slogan that will guide the year-long celebration of cooperatives globally.  While the ICA is in contact with the United Nations during this process, the UN will set the theme, logo and timeline. We will communicate widely once a decision is made. 

ICA Director General expressed gratitude for the productive and inclusive discussions that took place during these meetings, emphasizing the commitment of all parties involved to make the International Year of Cooperatives a resounding success. In the spirit of the successful first International Year of Cooperatives in 2012, the cooperative movement, with its diverse and inclusive nature, is poised to contribute significantly to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by theUnited Nations.

As the world looks forward to 2025, the International Year of Cooperatives promises to be a momentous occasion, bringing together cooperatives, governments, civil society, and other stakeholders to celebrate achievements, address challenges, and foster collaboration for a more sustainable and equitable future.

Background information - In December 2023, the United Nations General Assembly, through its resolution on cooperatives in social development, called for the proclamation of another International Year of Cooperatives in 2025. The text encouraged all Member States, as well as the United Nations and all other relevant stakeholders, to take advantage of it, recognizing the significant role that cooperatives play in promoting sustainable development, social inclusion, and economic growth worldwide.

Taj Mahal image retrieved from  Jovyn Chamb at Unsplash

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