For you, what is gender equality?

For you, what is gender equality?

Global Office

In the framework of the ICA Global Conference 'Cooperatives for Development' taking place in Kigali from 14-17 October 2019, and to introduce our parallel session 'Women’s empowerment at the forefront of sustainable development', we asked a question to our members: 'What is gender equality for you?'.

This session aimed at sensitizing male and female participants, including leaders and decision-makers in cooperatives, and reinforcing their ability to advance women empowerment and gender equality in the cooperative movement, with a particular focus on the following aspects: promoting an enabling environment to support women’s empowerment and gender equality within cooperatives and through cooperatives; making the cooperative business model more attractive to women, including by promoting female entrepreneurship.

The session also sought to cover a number of sub-themes in addition to the two core themes aforementioned, which could include among others: tools to support women cooperators, empowerment of young women, and benefits of gender equality for the wider community.