Tuesday Talk #6 - OCDC

Tuesday Talk #6 - OCDC

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The improvement of collaboration between Cooperative Development Organizations, members of Cooperative Networks like the International Cooperative Development Platform (ICDP), is one of the main objectives of the ICA-EU Partnership. To achieve that, The ICDP has already identified 3 areas of work: Knowledge sharing, programming and advocacy. These “Tuesday Talks” are webinars that fall under the area of knowledge sharing and aim to inform ICDP members of each other’s areas of expertise, building on a common understanding on International Cooperative Development and to enhance collaboration.

The sixth edition of Tuesday Talks featured the work of OCDC (U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council) presented by Paul Hazen, Executive Director.

Date of the meeting: 11 February 2020.


The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) knows that…