Cooperation for the transition to a green economy

Cooperation for the transition to a green economy

Global Office

The thematic research publication “Cooperation for the transition to a green economy” provides an innovative overview on how cooperatives are acting to protect the environment, as well as mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

With a specific focus on how principle seven on concern for community is put into action, the report covers 8 case studies from all ICA regions and showcases a variety of environmental actions from cooperative enterprises. Examples include the access and management of natural habitats and resources through cooperative approaches, innovative responses to minimise environmental impacts, and programmes and good practices from ICA members. It features cooperatives of varying sizes and areas of activity, specifically in the energy, forestry, housing, transport, and finance sectors.

The report has been co-produced by all ICA global and regional offices in the framework of the ICA-EU Partnership.