#coops4dev Closing Event | Research session

#coops4dev Closing Event | Research session

Global Office

From March 2016 until today, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and its regional offices have become active pioneers in research activities, producing tools and collaborative outputs that aim to strengthen the cooperative movement and contribute to a growing body of knowledge in the field of cooperative development.

Want to know more about cooperative legal frameworks, statistical mapping, or important themes for cooperatives? The online interactive map is a unique tool for members and stakeholders, which can support targeted policy recommendations and help to create an improved enabling environment for cooperatives across regions and countries.

In the context of the #coops4dev Closing Event, the #coops4dev research team presented its greatest hits in a parallel session! A new ‘compilation album’ released in Autumn 2021, after five and a half years in the making, the session shall sample some chart-topping research ‘hits’, from original publication material to country anthems and bold collaborations with experts and partners. Tune in for an immersive presentation of #coops4dev research A-sides and the ICA-EU Partnership’s final countdown!