The September Cooperative Insider is out: Special Feature on the Cooperative Identity

02 Oct 2020

The latest Cooperative Insider is now available is English, Spanish and French! This issue explores what the cooperative identity means to cooperatives active in the retail, electric or insurance sectors and those in the Africa region. It also features a message from ICA President Ariel Guarco, who highlights the importance of the cooperative values and principles in tackling the current health, economic and social crises.

We look back at two online events co-hosted by the ICA and the Co-operative College, which brought together cooperators from across the globe, many of whom worked behind the scenes to define the Statement on the Cooperative Identity.

In a separate Q&A interview Martin Lowery explores the meaning of the cooperative identity today. This is one of the topics that will be discussed at the World Cooperative Congress in Seoul, Korea, which has been postponed to December 2021.

In the cooperative Buzz section you will be able to find out more about the campaign launched by the members of the Canadian cooperative Mountain Equipment Co-op to save it, the UN’s recognition of the role of cooperatives as key drivers of youth social entrepreneurship and development and the ICA’s position paper on the Social and Solidarity Economy. 

The #Coops4Dev section looks at Coop Academy - a capacity building and knowledge-sharing initiative, and the contribution of cooperatives to meeting the SDGs.

The section shares the story of a successful retail cooperative in the UK.

This issue also includes updates on the housing and banking sectors as well as the Asia-Pacific and Americas region.

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