Mongolia National Co-operator's Association (MNCA) from Mongolia

05 Nov 2011

Mongolia National Co-operator's Association (MNCA) from Mongolia became a Member of the ICA on 31 October 2011. MNCA was founded 8 May 2008 and is the national apex organisation representing co-operatives in Mongolia. They were established to provide leadership in sustainable development of the co-operative movement.

Their direct members are the national federations. Their aims are to collaborate on the international level and with the Government of Mongolia, provide policy and advocacy for co-operatives, and lead implementation of the co-operative development strategy in Mongolia. They promote and encourage the movement in Mongolia, provide capacity building for co-operatives, and work on enabling environment for co-operative development.

They have been successful in advocating for the national co-operative development program and strategy in Mongolia. In 2009, MNCA represented 130,000 individual members. They have 7 member societies, and 2 employees of which all are women. Their turnover in 2010 was USD 68,800.00. For more information: