Consultation on the #CoopIdentity


A first survey

A survey has been launched to gather first thoughts from cooperators worldwide on how well the Statement on the Cooperative Identity is defined and understood. The poll is already available in ten languages

The participation of the global cooperative community in this consultation to deepen the cooperative identity is vital. Cooperatives everywhere in the world, their members and employees, and all other persons familiar with cooperatives are invited to complete the survey.
Alexandra Wilson, Chair of the ICA Cooperative Identity Advisory Group

Participation will be greater if we can issue the survey in multiple languages. If your organization is able to translate and disseminate it in one or more languages spoken in your country, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary documents and guidelines concerning translation, please reach out to Amanda Risfa at

A process initiated at the #WorldCoopCongress

In 1995, the ICA adopted the Statement on the Cooperative Identity which defines a cooperative and sets out the values of cooperatives and the seven cooperative principles. Published in 2015, the Guidance Notes to the Cooperative Principles provide detailed guidance and advice on the practical application of the cooperative principles. 

The 33rd World Cooperative Congress, with the theme Deepening Our Cooperative Identity, initiated a consultative process to explore cooperators’ understanding of the Statement and to examine how well it has stood the test of time. 

Following on from the Congress, the ICA Board set up the Cooperative Identity Advisory Group (CIAG) to continue the reflection and consultation on the cooperative identity. The Group comprises 23 persons from all ICA regions and is chaired by ICA board member Alexandra Wilson from Canada.

Consultation objectives & next steps

On 13 May, Alexandra Wilson, Chair of the ICA’s Cooperative Identity Advisory Group, presented the Consultation objectives, next steps, and latest news at a webinar organised to highlight next steps in Deepening the Cooperative Identity.

Participate & join events worldwide!

On 13 May 2022, the ICA hosted a webinar to share the main takeaways from the 33rd World Cooperative Congress, promote the global consultation on the Statement on the Cooperative Identity, and bring together cooperators and the cooperatives branch of the International Labour organisation (ILO) ahead of the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference and the International Day of Cooperatives. Other seminars and online events to explore the cooperative identity will follow.


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