The Yehudah Paz Annual Development Day 4th Conference - SID Israel

Tel Aviv University
Ramat aviv Tel Aviv Bar Shira Auditorium
Tel aviv

The Yehudah Paz Annual Development Day 4th Conference - SID Israel 12.01.2014 Partnerships in International Aid in a Changing Global Arena The Society for International Development – SID Israel NISPED Ajeec MASHAV-Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs Africa Studies, the Bob Shapell School of Social Work and the Pears Innovation for International Development Program, Tel Aviv University A fundamental shift in global politics and economics is currently taking place with emerging powers such as China, India, Brazil and South Africa assuming a more prominent, active and important roles in the global political, economic and International development arenas. New modalities of partnership for international development are emerging while the economic crisis in Europe and the US impacts more traditional forms of cooperation. In addition through the use of social media a global civil society has emerged, actively engaged in monitoring development initiatives demanding greater transparency and efficacy through the use of social media technology. The Conference is seeking to gather international and local experts in order to initiate and develop an updated and critical debate; encourage mutual learning and facilitate a space for exchange of ideas and a basis for formation of new strategies for partnerships in international development among government, civil society and the private sector in Israel. The conference would attempt to engage in the following questions: What does ‘partnership for development’ in a changing global environment entail? How have global political, economic and social changes impact post-2015 global development goals? What is the role of cross-sectorial partnerships in current international development praxis? How Israeli state, civil society and private sector actors adapt to the current shift in partnership building with counterparts based both in developed and developing nations? The conference seeks to provide multi-faceted engagement opportunities and would offer a Plenary session of experts, Concurrent content sessions where practitioners would share their learning experiences and their research and lastly facilitate a meeting place in a general session where projects would be presented and actors could meet and exchange ideas and pursue opportunities for cooperation.
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