Call for Rochdale Pioneers Award Nominations 2017

Nominations are open for the International Co-operative Alliance’s Rochdale Pioneers Award, the highest honour that the Alliance bestows.

The purpose of the Award is to recognise, in the spirit of the contribution of the Rochdale Pioneers, an individual who has contributed to innovative and financially sustainable co-operative activities that have significantly benefited co-operative members. Under special circumstances, a co-operative organisation can be recognised.

The award will be presented in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 14-17 November 2017, when co-operators from around the world convene for the biennial Alliance Global Conference and General Assembly.

Nominations are invited from member organisations of the Alliance and from organisations in solidarity with the co-operative movement. Nominees must be current or former members or employees in an Alliance member organisation or in one of that organisation’s members or affiliates. If an organisation is nominated, rather than an individual, it must be an Alliance member organisation or one of that organisation’s members or affiliates.

A nominee’s achievements must:

  • Visibly demonstrate benefit to the global co-operative movement
  • Be innovative
  • Be financially sustainable and of a permanent nature
  • Be a leader in the co-operative movement
  • Demonstrate commitment to the co-operative principles

Selection of the final awardee will be made by an Alliance Board-appointed committee. To be considered, fully completed forms and accompanying required documents must be received by 15 August 2017 to the following email:

Thank you in advance for your assistance in identifying remarkable co-operators!

Rochdale Pioneers


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