Acclaimed author and opinion leader Raj Patel to speak at Alliance Towards 2020 Conference

18 May 2015

The International Co-operative Alliance welcomes Mr Raj Patel, controversial author, journalist, professor and global policy expert as a keynote speaker at its 'Towards 2020' Conference, taking place 10 to 13 November 2015 ( 

Raj Patel continuously challenges our presumptions about the global economy with his work both as a policy analyst and activist. Having worked for some of the most prestigious international organizations, Patel constantly finds ways to improve the world’s food system. Regularly featured in major international news publications and media, Patel’s cutting edge thoughts on food distribution and globalization have become some of the most important and trusted in the world.

Continuing to spread his message and ideas worldwide, Patel’s acclaimed books address the numerous issues he is working to combat. His first book, Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the Whole Food Systemnot only exposed the causes of hunger, starvation and famine, but provided solutions to these issues of inequity. His most recent book, The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy, is a deeply thought-provoking guide to the way global economies work. In it, Patel explores the recent economic collapse and painting a clear picture of how to achieve a fairer, more sustainable economy and society.

In his keynotes, Patel not only diagnoses the causes behind our worldwide food crisis, but offers sustainable and feasible solutions to deal with it. His current project, with acclaimed director Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters) finds new ways to tell stories from around the world, of people breaking rules to feed their communities in ways no-one has ever seen. Patel is a firm believer that everyone can make a difference an that we need to find our own ways to make the world a better place.

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