2022 arrivals: ICA welcomes new member from the Dominican Republic

04 Jan 2023

The ICA welcomed a new member in December: Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Herrera, Inc. (COOP-HERRERA) from the Dominican Republic.

COOP-HERRERA is a savings and credit cooperative with 39,333 individual members and a turnover of DOP 6,653,790,193 (EUR 118,038,238).

The coop already follows the ICA's guidelines and proposals, and frequently participates in its activities. COOP-HERRERA has joined the ICA as a member in order to strengthen the cooperative integration system and be directly linked to the ICA.

The ICA now has 315 member organisations, of which 273 are full members and 42 are Associate Members, from 107 countries.