2022 arrivals: new members from Honduras and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in September

10 Oct 2022

The ICA welcomed two members in SeptemberCooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito CACEENP Limitada from Honduras and Coopérative Centrale d'épargne et de crédit du Kivu (COOCEC-KIVU) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A financial cooperative, CACEENP was founded by employees of the National Port Company. Today the cooperative is open to all citizens. With more than 38,000 members and HNL1.8 billion assets, it is the country’s sixth most important financial cooperative.

COOCEC-KIVU is an umbrella organisation for primary savings and credit cooperatives. It comprises seven savings and credit co-ops with 25,000 individual savings members and 2,000 borrowers. The apex focuses on consolidating the links that unite the COOPECs and to defend their interests, promoting their growth and development, promoting the expansion of the cooperative philosophy, tackling poverty and stimulating inter-cooperation between members.

The ICA has now 314 member organisations from 107 countries, of which 272 are full members and 42 are Associate Members.