2023 arrivals: ICA welcomes new member from Chile

09 Aug 2023

A new member joined the ICA in July: Cooperativa de Servicios Sermecoop Ltda. from Chile.

Founded in 1967 to provide a solution to a lack of access to healthcare services, Sermecoop is an award-winning cooperative serving 100,000 members across the country. Its mission remains to offer members access to quality health services, putting their concerns first, reinvesting in them and making them part of the decisions, through a cooperative model.

The success of the cooperative attracted several accolades, including an Outstanding Cooperative recognition from the Ministry of Economy of Chile and a Migrant Commitment Seal, awarded jointly by the ILO and the National Migration Service of Chile.

By joining the ICA Sermecoop hopes to establish alliances to make its voice and that of the cooperative model heard. In doing so, it aims to mobilise public support on key issues of interest and impact on public policy.

The ICA has now 307 member organisations of which 269 are Full Members and 38 are Associate Members from 103 countries.

Photo: Getty Images