Celebrating our Love for Cooperatives through Storytelling

14 Feb 2024

On Valentine's Day we are celebrating our love for cooperatives and relaunching stories.coop, to showcase the inspiring work of cooperatives and cooperators around the world. Using the tradition of storytelling, stories.coop is part of a global, digital campaign aimed at disseminating the benefits of cooperation, and how the cooperative enterprise model is making a tangible impact to build a better world.

Cooperatives have long been the backbone of communities, consistently serving as the catalyst for growth and sustainability. However, it's a well-kept secret. Year after year, the message remains the same: We don't do enough to tell our cooperative story.

Stories.coop was originally launched in 2012 by the International Cooperative Alliance and Euricse, to commemorate the International Year of Cooperatives. This platform was created to showcase the cooperative identity. Since then, DotCooperation has joined this initiative to strengthen the ongoing global campaign. With an eye toward the next International Year of Cooperatives in 2025, stories.coop will be home to fresh and inspiring narratives about cooperatives worldwide.

In the rapidly evolving global political and environmental landscape, the cooperative model’s ability to influence change is becoming increasingly impactful. Prioritizing people over profit, this model is stabilizing economic uncertainties, repairing social inequalities, and tackling climate change.  This showcases a distinct capacity to cultivate inclusive growth but also promotes shared prosperity and community resilience. 

You are invited to tell your story on stories.coop, and share this platform with everyone within and outside of the cooperative network. This will help us to:

  • Expand local and global awareness of the impact cooperatives have in every sector.
  • Give the global cooperative community a platform to celebrate their achievements, raise their flags and showcase their stories with pride.
  • Using the tradition of storytelling, promote the cooperative model as a viable option to improve social, economic, and environmental challenges everywhere.

We encourage active engagement and participation from you. Any cooperative is invited to submit a story about their cooperative or people within the cooperative community, and be part of a global storytelling campaign. Submit your story here. The published stories will be translated into 10 languages.

Join us in celebrating the relaunch of stories.coop and be part of a global movement that champions the cooperative spirit. 


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