Soins de santé

L'organisation coopérative internationale de santé est une organisation sectorielle de l'ACI, créée pour fournir des informations sur la nature et le rôle des coopératives de santé aux agences et aux organismes internationaux.

Health care

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Health care

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Health care

The International Health Cooperative Organisation is a Sectoral Organisation of the ICA, created to promote the development of health cooperatives and provide information about their nature and role to international agencies and bodies.

NTUC FairPrice Cooperative

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Singapore-based NTUC Income announced that over 500,000 employees of organisations insured by its Group Employee Benefits policies will receive COVID-19 coverage at no additional premium.  NTUC FairPrice Cooperative (FairPrice) supplied food and daily necessities.

National Federation of University Cooperatives Association

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National Federation of University Cooperatives Association in Japan actively provided updates using social media, enabling connections all students – new and senior students. Sales have remained steady this year, nevertheless, when the university re-opens in the future, they will have to operate cafeterias, stores and other areas with safety measures in place to avoid crowding. Thus, the number of users will be greatly reduced. This poses a challenge to NFUCA.

Bulgaria's Central Cooperative Union

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Bulgaria’s Central Cooperative Union acted fast and created an online platform called COOP CARE to facilitate immediate requests of essential food products and PPE, and to keep the cooperative community abreast on the development of the pandemic. In their testimonial, the CCU-Bulgaria expressed gratitude to Italian cooperatives that delivered disinfectants and cleaning detergents for consumption throughout Bulgaria.

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