"Co-operatives in a Post Growth Era: Creating Co-operative Economics" examines co-ops and "new economy"

21 Nov 2014

A series of new educational tools inspired by the Imagine 2012 conference is now available for co-operators and students or policymakers. The conference brought together academics and co-operators to discuss alternatives to the neoclassical economic doctrine. It resulted in a book published December 2014, featuring contributions from the main speakers at the event and a set of four DVDs.

The book, Co-operatives in a Post Growth Era: Creating Co-operative Economics, is edited by Sonja Novkovic and Tom Webb. Sonja Novkovic is professor of Economics at Saint Mary's University and chair of the International Co-operative Alliance's Committee on Co-operative ResearchTom Webb is Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University School of Business. 

"Creating Co-operative Economics" focuses on the concept of “new economy” and the role co-operatives could play in it. The book includes contributions from speakers at the Imagine 2012 conference, touching upon prosperity and sustainability, co-operatives as viable business forms, employee ownership, innovation and resilience.

According to Tom Webb, Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University School of Business, the DVDs, as well as the book, can be used to formal courses and online learning programmes as they give course designers the option of using either video or/and print version of any of the 15 presentations. Co-operatives can also use them for management or board training purposes.

He said: "We are delighted that we were able to produce two long term contributions to the thought on co-operative economics For co-operatives wanting their elected leaders and managers to be able to see the economic importance of co-operatives in an increasingly fragile world, these are powerful learning tools."

Sonja Novkovic: "The message of this book and the Imagine 2012 conference is the inadequacy of the dominant economic theories and performance indicators to capture resulting ecological and social outcomes that will do irreparable damage to the planet and society. The second part of the message points to the co-operative economic model as an alternative way of thinking about finance, socio-economic relations, and ultimately the needed shift in understanding of the purpose of economics in addressing societal well being."

DVD sets can be ordered by emailing tom.webb@smu.ca. The videos cost CA $200 plus handling for the 4 DVD set with all the speakers and commentaries.

The book, which costs $29.95 can also be ordered from the Zed Books website in the UK: http://zedbooks.co.uk/paperback/co-operatives-in-a-post-growth-era or in Canada from Fernwood Publishing: http://fernwoodpublishing.ca/authors/view/sonja-novkovic

Photo: editors of the book, Tom Webb and Sonja Novkovic