Anthony Collins Briefing Notes: Review of UK Co-operative Law

22 Feb 2024

Anthony Collins is a purpose and values-driven law firm based in Birmingham and the North West of England, whose purpose is to improve lives, communities and society. With wide expertise in all forms of social business, it is the leading UK law firm for co-operatives, community benefit societies and other forms of democratic and member-based businesses. The firm's purpose is to improve lives, communities and society. 

The UK Law Commission has been invited by the Government to review the legal framework governing co-operatives and community benefit societies. The Law Commission is an independent body set up by statute to keep the laws of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform where it is needed.

Although there is no guarantee that legislation will follow, a Law Commission review is a rare opportunity to bring to wider attention the need for legal reform.

UK law firm Anthony Collins, specialists in co-operative law, are publishing briefing notes to help raise awareness of this review, provide background information and context, and encourage conversation about important areas that might be included.


The second Briefing Note: "Care" can be found here.

The third Briefing Note: "Local Government" can be found here.


Cliff Mills | LinkedIn  One of the early members of ICA Global Network of Cooperative Lawyers. He is a co- author of the ICA Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade, UK expert under the Coops4dev Legal Framework Analysis, and an active participant in the International Forums on Cooperative Law and contributor to the International Journal of Cooperative Law.

David Alcock | LinkedIn Partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors


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