National Federation of Rural Co-operatives (Induk KUD)

08 Dec 2011

Induk KUD from Indonesia became an Associate Member of the ICA on 26 October 2011.

Induk KUD was founded on 12 November 1979 and serves as the national federation of rural co-operatives in Indonesia.

Induk KUD's mission is to help the co-operative movement expand joint business relationships, ensure creation and implementation of a business climate that supports co-operative survival and development, education and training, develop co-operative business, and improve the welfare of its members and as a result the community.

The apex organisation has a savings and loan business unit for members of staff, their members (direct and indirect), and potential members. They also procure and distribute goods such as raw materials and production facilities to increase production for members and staff. The body assists in helping members market and open up markets in domestic and foreign countries in the various sectors that their members are in – agriculture, fisheries, livestock, plantation, mining, forest and crafts.

Induk KuD currently has members in 27 provinces and have three overseas representative offices.  In 2010 they represented 30 member societies with 9,437 co-operative members representing 13.4 individual members. They had 45 employees, 9 of which were women.

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