World Co-operative Monitor



The International Co-operative Alliance began ranking the world’s top 300 co-operatives in 2005. These periodic reports, known as the Global300, demonstrated the scale and impact of co-operatives around the world. The ICA is proud to announce that for 2012, the UN International Year of Co-operatives, we are developing a new global ranking of the biggest co-operatives all over the world: The ICA World Co-operative Monitor.

With the technical and methodological support of Euricse, we are preparing now to relaunch the Report, in October 2012, at the close of the International Year of Co-operatives in Manchester.  The Monitor will have a more rigorous methodology and expanded data and indicators. We would like to invite your participation in this launch which will be crucial to the success of this exciting project.


The process for participating is quite simple. Co-operatives now have the choice of filling in two questionnaires:

1) Full Questionnaire - We encourage all co-operatives to fill this in. It will give them full partcipation in the World Co-operative Monitor's database and reports. Available online in English,  and offline as an English PDF or Spanish PDF

2) Summary Questionnaire - Completing this shorter summary version allow co-operatives to participate in the Monitor's general rankings only. Available online in English or Spanish, and offline as an English PDF or Spanish PDF

Guidelines for completing the questionnaire are also available in English or Spanish

For further details about this initiative and to fill in the application please visit the project website

If you have any questions about this project, please get in touch with Eurisce.